The International Conference on Communication and Education: Media Literacy Strategies  will take place in Barcelona on 11, 12 and 13 May 2011. The Conference will be hold in a space of debates, reflection and analyses of initiatives, projects, research, successful experiences and tendencies to Media Literacy around the world.

The conference include the participation of professionals, researchers, and professors from many of the main organisations and universities fromaround the world and in particular from Europe, Latin-America and the Arab World, who will contribute with their reflections and perspectives on the status and scope of “Communication”, “Education” and “Media Literacy”.


The Conference counts with the participation of:

  • International Organisations (UNESCO, European Commission, etc…)
  • Representative of the Ministry of Education
  • Associations (Media Industry, Education and teaching, etc … ).
  • Universities
  • Research groups and units.
  • ONGs
  • Others

Background and history

Significant changes in media systems and the diversity of in the type media platforms available has had a greater effect than ever on the people’s social and personal ambits through new forms of use and new forms of interacting.

In order to face the new challenges that this provides, international institutions such as UNESCO, the European Commission and the UN, through the Alliance of Civilizations, have been making great efforts to develop digital and media literacy. Now days, digital and media literacy has become essential for the comprehensive training of people and for attaining responsible, critical and democratic citizenship.

The educational system is also facing difficult questions because it has been slow in facing up to the new requirements for training where the concept of literacy has moved from describing reading and writing capacities to describing the capacities in computing and ICT.

Terms like “educational media” and “education in media” have given way to new concepts: “Information Literacy”, “Digital Literacy” and “Media Literacy” becoming indispensable for cultural and educational development.

This conference therefore seeks to create a space for presenting ideas, research and experiences which promote cooperation in media literacy among the media, universities, researchers, professors and civil society from around the world, so they can present their communications in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

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